Cheryl Lowry and Brian Pinkston founded Kinetic Adventure Medical Education as a labor of love from their mutual passion for travel, enjoying time with people, and providing quality medical education in austere settings around the world. Accordingly, we are anxious to hear the story of your life’s journey and experiences!

Kinetic Adventure Medical Education has brought together colleagues and friends that share similar passions and backgrounds to form our educational team. Kinetic’s faculty is comprised of experts in a variety of fields.

The founders each have been practicing operational medicine for over 22 years and have provided medical support on every continent. Our teammates have even more experience!

We love using our brains as the most important diagnostic tool and learning new techniques to solve field problems. All of our faculty have been chosen through years of our personal knowledge and their work in the field. They represent the culmination of experience gained through medicine in extreme environments.

We are dedicated to providing for your needs, so please help us improve by letting us implement your great ideas for the future. Come learn with us!