What’s in your medicine container?

Sure, you probably said, “Medicine, of course”.  Ok, fair point.  But when the container is empty, why not recycle it into a small emergency kit?  This photo is an example from Chris Heberer, who recently attended one of our webinars.  He jammed an amazing amount of emergency supplies in there – even tea!  These compact, lightweight kits are great to throw in your day pack, your car or even your jacket pocket.  They can contain anything you might need on your next adventure (as long as it fits in the container).  We’ve seen multi-tools, bandages, matches, cotton balls covered with petroleum jelly, assorted medications, fishing line and lures, CPR face shields, rehydration salts and more.  Many of these are items that you have around the house already.  What’s in the best kit?  There is no single right answer.  The best kit is the one that you will carry and use.  These don’t cost much to make, and you can re-customize them any time.  They make great gifts, too!  

Photo credit: Chris Heberer, 2020

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