What do Polar medicine and Yale have in common?

Cheryl in Antarctica, 2020

If you answered “They’re both in cold climates”, you didn’t win any prizes, so keep reading!  Did you know that Yale School of Medicine has an online PA program?  This innovative Master of Medical Science program combines online classes, in-person labs, and hands-on clinical rotations (which are conducted throughout the country, near the student’s home community when possible).  Kinetic recently had the opportunity to talk to their Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group about practicing medicine in polar environments.  We had a blast talking to the PA students about what it’s like to care for patients when you are days to months away from definitive care!  What we enjoyed even more was observing how the students had clearly become a cohesive, interactive group despite their online learning platform.  Thanks to Erin Hillis (PA Online Class of 2022), and Mary Showstark, PA-C (Associate Professor Adjunct and Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group faculty) for providing an opportunity for us to share our Polar experiences and learn more about the Yale PA Online.  

Check out the Yale PA Online Program here: https://paonline.yale.edu/about/

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