Do you have what it takes to survive?

Last year had many of us pondering that question – but I don’t mean COVID-19 or the next zombie apocalypse.  What if you were vacationing on a tropical island and found yourself in a survival situation…would you have what it takes to survive?  Could you trap food or gather the right edible plants?  Would you know how toContinue reading “Do you have what it takes to survive?”

What do Polar medicine and Yale have in common?

If you answered “They’re both in cold climates”, you didn’t win any prizes, so keep reading!  Did you know that Yale School of Medicine has an online PA program?  This innovative Master of Medical Science program combines online classes, in-person labs, and hands-on clinical rotations (which are conducted throughout the country, near the student’s home community whenContinue reading “What do Polar medicine and Yale have in common?”

Would you know what to do?

A small group of us went mountain biking to practice socially-distanced recreation during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of our riders couldn’t un-clip from her pedals at the top of a hill, causing her to fall 10 feet down a ravine. When we reached her she was conscious with damage to her helmet, obvious rib fracturesContinue reading “Would you know what to do?”

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