Do you have what it takes to survive?

Last year had many of us pondering that question – but I don’t mean COVID-19 or the next zombie apocalypse.  What if you were vacationing on a tropical island and found yourself in a survival situation…would you have what it takes to survive?  Could you trap food or gather the right edible plants?  Would you know how to find and purify water?  Could you build a shelter or a fire without modern tools, while stabilizing an injured teammate?  Meet Carmen and Matt Corradino, our hosts and co-instructors at Mount Victory Camp.  They’ve been teaching life-sustaining, eco-conscious skills in the St. Croix rainforest for over 10 years (see Caribbean Earth Skills link below).  Having studied and taught at the famous Tom Brown, Jr. Tracker School, they have extensive experience living and teaching in primitive conditions.  Combine that with our team’s experience providing medical care on every continent, and you have the perfect setting for a jungle medicine course!  St. Croix is the best-kept secret in the Caribbean.  In addition to the rainforest and pristine beaches, diving, snorkeling and sailing here are first-rate.  Historic forts and sugar mills speckle the verdant hilly terrain.  The fusion of cultures, quiet streets, turquoise waters, and a laid-back attitude set St. Croix apart from other more crowded Caribbean islands.  It’s been said that St. Croix is a “bucket list” destination.  Learn jungle medicine with Kinetic while honing your survival skills on this amazing island.  We want you to have what it takes to survive!   

Check out Mount Victory Camp,

Or Caribbean Earth Skills,

And our Kinetic Adventure Medical Education Jungle Medicine course,

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